Riso Ristorante



During the summer of 2011 opened the Riso Ristorante & Terrace in our hotel. The word ‘Terrace’ was not accidentally put in the name, the guests can indeed feel that they got into another world, an idealistic scene, it is enough to take a seat at the tables of the terrace surrounded by lush, growing greens. The leveled architectural design of the terrace, the higher level of the grill kitchen, the comfortably and loosely placed furniture, the children’s playground which satisfies all needs, creates an intimate and also cozy feeling.

It is natural that the nice terrace and the interior spaces that create a joyful and fresh feeling is not enough to win the guests’ trust, but aside the traditional mainly Italian and also Hungarian dishes, the Riso has a wide variety of risottos, homemade pastas and oven-baked pizzas in the menu. 

Our mission is to provide high quality food and good wines in a Mediterranean environment with an unparalleled atmosphere, in addition to the highest quality, friendly service.

The guests of the Hotel Castle Garden earns 15% discount from the a’la carte prices. As the restaurant is rather popular, table reservation is neccessary.