Room prices

Our daily room prices are constantly changing depending on the season, and the occupancy rate of our hotel. You can find infomation about the prices at our website’s reservation section, or we are happy to give you offers via e-mail 

Other prices

Breakfast 9 Eur / person / day
Extra bed for adults 15 Eur / night
Extra bed for child (up till 12 years of age, together with parents) free of charge
Wellness (1 person) 10 Eur / nap
Wellness (2 people) 20 Eur / nap
Wellness (3 people) 30 Eur / day
Wellness (2 people) 30 Eur / day
Garage (daily) 15 Eur/ day / car
Garage  (monthly) 150 Eur/ month/ car
Late Check-out between 11:00-14.00 + 10 Eur
Late check-out between 14:00-17.00 + 20 Eur


The prices include VAT.